Hamsa Hand

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This sterling silver Hamsa Hand Pendant Charm from Soufeel is the protective hand your charm bracelet needs. The Hamsa Hand. like the Eye of Horus from Ancient Egypt. originated in the Middle East as a talisman for protection against the ‘Evil Eye’.

Said to offer protection. this symbol is painted on buildings and worn on jewellery to keep people safe from harm.

This beautiful 925 sterling silver. 14K gold and Swarovski crystal pendant capture the beauty and design of the Hamsa symbol. With filigree cuts outs the silver hand has the gold ‘Eye’ inset in the centre of the downward facing palm. with a row of crystals inset across the top representing the bottom of the hand.

Wear this Hamsa Hand Pendant Charm from Soufeel and you’ll feel protected wherever you go.

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